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May 1, 2022

Tracking Link and CTA Clicks on Posts

We all want our site to have a killer call-to-action (CTA) that’s super effective and yields loads of conversions. And while you totally need that, you should also consider that it’ll take more than one visit for your prospective customer to initiate a meaningful interaction with you.

A study by Rakuten Advertising revealed that consumers will visit a site 9.5 times before making an initial purchase. Back in 2011, it was just 2.5 times.

Track these folks and optimize your content to capture them in your sales process by focusing on more than just having an outstanding CTA. You’ll also need to watch how internal and external links perform across your site and blog.

It might seem like a lot of work. But internal and external links create opportunities for users to engage with your content. And if they’re not, you need to find out why.

Today, we’re out to answer 2 crucial questions:

  1. Is tracking links individually and CTA clicks really worth it?
  2. And if so, how would you even do that?

Does Each Click Really Matter?


Did you know that CTAs perform better than Google Ads?

And clicks can do more than make you money. They act like degrees on a thermometer, letting you know how desirable your content and your CTA are.

In the context of a blog post, clicks demonstrate which of the article’s elements were the most successful and engaging.

All Industries CTAs

Links and CTAs contribute to your customer’s overall experience on your site. Providing their experiences are positive, you’ll have satisfied customers.

And happy customers:

By knowing which elements they’re interacting with most, you’ll be able to recreate those kinds of posts and other conversion-friendly content.

Your goal is to follow these clicks and actions as they occur on your blog posts. By creating synergy, your content, links, and CTAs work together to increase sales.

Start by investing in a solid reporting system that tracks and attributes clicks appropriately.

Start Tracking with Linkhawk Pro

Linkhawk is a free URL shortening service for social media marketers who need to save space on their posts.

We now offer link tracking capabilities as part of our Linkhawk Pro account. With link tracking, you’ll always know how often your links are clicked, making them far more helpful for marketing purposes.

You’ll get a breakdown of the day, time, and number of clicks your link or CTA gets without wading through unnecessary metrics. And since it works great on computers and smartphones, it’s perfect for tracking links and CTA clicks on every page of your site.

Not sure it’ll work for you?

Many major companies use branded URLs and performance tracking to help them share branded links and track resulting clicks. In fact, Beats by Dre saw a 34 percent higher click-through rate among their custom branded links over standard shortened URLs.

Linkhawk organizes your branded links into multiple campaigns and tracks your efforts across multiple channels in real-time.

Tracking Customer Satisfaction Through Engagement

To accurately determine your content’s effectiveness, you need to know which links and CTAs are getting the most engagement.

Every click matters.

Use Linkhawk Pro to help you track link clicks and better understand user behavior on your site. You’ll get data to help you better tailor content to what they enjoy.

Tracking how others engage with your site can help your audience and brand grow farther… faster.

And another way to grow is by chopping those long links down to size. Check out how Linkhawk gets it done. Then, read up on how branded links and marketing can help you scale your business.



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