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July 6, 2021

What is Linkhawk and How Do You Use it?

Uniform. Resource. Locator.

URL. When the internet was born, there needed to be a place where someone could knock on your door…like the real world. Every business, blog, and boutique needed a digital address to be discovered. 

That’s where a URL comes in. It’s also referred to as “link” “website” “web address” “domain”…the list goes on.

Today, this data一your links, campaigns, website, and everything incorporated in a brand, is contained in a complicated set of numbers, characters, and sequences that make zero sense to the naked eye.

Linkhawk is here to solve that problem.

Who is Linkhawk?

Established in Duesseldorf, Germany, in  2018, we’re an innovative digital marketing company with an international staff. Combining talents across the globe, we’re here to humanize the virtual marketing experience and simplify your social campaigns. Our daily goal is to develop a tool that noticeably relieves our customers’ daily work. By listening to our own clients, we help bring you closer to yours!

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What is Linkhawk?

Linkhawk is a smart and efficient solution for managing a portfolio of links and boosting your business. It is the prime place to manage links like a champ! Create short URLs with a custom domain that enhances UX and drives authentic engagement. There is a multitude of features the site offers in one, convenient dashboard

There are three main functions of the site:

Link Development

The main goal of Linkhawk is to shorten your link for easier marketing. Creating a new short link is quick and simple. You need to have a title for each link to keep track of it in the system. You can also assign it a user group, which can be tracked later in a Linkboard. 

Enter the target URL and assign the branded domain. The slash tag represents the word at the end of your short link. 

Lastly, you can tag each new link with as many keywords as needed. This allows a company to track all URLs via intelligent link routing and real-time reports.


Once you have created a bunch of short links, you may want to start organizing them. Linkboards are a collection of customized and branded links that will engage your customers and direct them to exactly where you want them.

Choose from two separate templates, Standard or eCommerce. From there, you have the following design options:

An easier way to think of Linkboards is a landing page that a marketing or sales team can include in any campaign.


Group all links into Campaigns and keep track of every marketing channel in one spot! This tool enables you to build, manage, and measure the success of multi-channel campaigns. For example, you may want to track email campaigns along with social media and SMS. 

The system will compare paid, earned, and owned channels side-by-side and in real-time. The campaign analysis takes it a step further to provide insights on which channels are the most popular, on what device, and with whom.


The Linkhawk web app is supported by the latest versions of Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge. It is recommended you use one of these for full functionality.


Customers with paid plans have full access to email support. Simply log in and click “submit a request” at the top of the page. Paid plans also give you full access to Linkhawk webinars and other useful resources. 

All Linkhawk users have full access to Linkhawk’s Help Center and knowledgebase

Have more questions? Contact us any time! We love to chat. 



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