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August 5, 2020

The Top Ways to Enhance User Experience

You can create all the amazing content in the world but if a business doesn’t pay attention to creating a unique user experience, they might fall to the wayside. User experience (also referred to in shorthand as UX) is an important part of digital marketing strategy and something that should not be ignored.

Here are a few ways to enhance the UX of your digital space and keep people coming back for more:

White Space

Sometimes you can have too much white space on your site. That means a lot of areas that aren’t doing anything. This unused digital real estate can make for poor user experience. However, white space is still essential to good web design. It makes content more legible while enabling the user to focus on elements surrounding the text.

According to recent research, white space around text and titles increases user attention by 20%. It can also make your website feel fresh, open, and modern. One downside to always consider is that ultimately, white space DOES take up space.

Optimize Page Speed

Who has the time to watch a slow website load? Everyone will click away to your competition. With the rise of mobile devices, people are accessing content from anywhere, at any time. Therefore, users anticipate fast results and won’t wait for anything else.

That means, to enhance the user experience, you must always optimize the page speed. Slow page load interrupts the experience and cuts people off at the pass. In fact, recent studies show that just an extra five seconds of page load time can increase a website’s bounce rate by more than 20%.

Engaging Calls to Action

People are already accustomed to following visual cues to engage with content that is important to them. Calls to Action (CTAs) are marked with clear action words that enable users to navigate more easily. This makes it quicker for the audience to find what they want in the exact location they expect.

Buttons are a great way to show people how to get around. Think about the psychology of color and branding. You can increase clicks to the checkout area simply by applying an awesome button. Different colors can evoke different messages. Consider the emotions you want to draw out of people (experience, intelligence, trust, loyalty) and choose your buttons wisely!

Hyperlink Differentiation

When a link is added to a page, it tells users to click. Make sure these links are easily identifiable by visual cues. Different colored text or something underlined draws attention to the reader and tells them where to go. Regular web users know that blue underlined text is a place to click.

One way to test your hyperlinks is to blur out the color and underline. Then see which ones get clicked. This will tell you what links have the strongest and most engaging keywords and phrasing.

Bullet Points

This enables a reader to quickly obtain all the important data they need while reading a text. It also breaks up the monotony of wall paragraphs and run-on sentences. Bullet things like:

Doing this makes propositions more attractive and forces you to isolate the most important points. Consider using icons, arrows, or checkmarks to really make your list stand out.

The user experience cannot be ignored and the more you pay attention, the longer people will stay on your site. The best place to start is to get to know your audience. That will direct the content you choose and ultimately, how to drive the user experience.


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