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July 30, 2022

The Best Metrics to Collect for Your Social Media Campaign Today

From follower count to brand mentions, post engagements, and total conversion, there are so many actions to track on social media. With all of these choices available, how do you pick the best numbers to follow?

According to Oberlo, users spend an average of two hours and 25 minutes daily on social media. This incredible figure indicates brands should keep an eye on how their campaigns are performing. To clear the confusion, let’s check out the best social media metrics you need to drive success!

But, before we dive in, it’s critical to understand that metrics vary based on business type, goals, and team targets. So, yours may differ slightly from this list. Here are a few of the most important ones that all businesses can follow and track. 

Awareness Metrics

Awareness metrics show how your current and potential audience is interacting with the brand. With this metric, it’s easier to find out how well the audience engages with the content you push on social channels. 

Here are some key awareness metrics:

Brand Awareness

It’s vital to track how much attention your brand gets across all social media platforms. You can track brand mentions, shares, and impressions to calculate awareness.  

Audience Growth Rate

The audience growth rate determines the speed at which the brand attracts new audiences and customers. Along with the total number of followers gained last month, it’s also vital to know at what speed they joined the brand. 

Engagement Metrics

Engagement metrics are broad. They represent how your audience is interacting with regular content and promotions. Using these metrics, you can determine which content needs improvement in the next campaign.

Some critical engagement metrics are:

Applause Rate

Applause rate, in simple terms, is the total number of ‘approval actions’ including likes, shares, and positive comments your content receives. When individuals find value in the content, you need to calculate what percentage of the total user base gave an ‘applause.’

Average Engagement Rate 

The total number of engagement actions includes likes, shares, and comments a social media post receives among the followers. It’s important to know what content is resonating more with the audience and its engagement rate.

Conversion Metrics

Conversion metrics show the overall effectiveness of your social engagement. These may include website visits, subscriptions, and transactional rates. 

Here are some critical conversion metrics you need to follow:

Conversion rate

This is the total number of visitors who took some predefined actions after reading your post. The activities may include subscribing to a newsletter, joining a free webinar, or filling out the contact form. A high conversion rate means the content is valuable and compelling. 

Click-Through Rate (CTR)

CTR tells how frequently individuals click on the call-to-action section in your post. The CTR is explicitly bound to a particular link that brings the readers to some additional content. Tracking accurate CTR helps you understand how compelling your offer is to the audience. 

Bounce Rate

This is the percentage of visitors who clicked on a link and left the page without taking any action. A higher bounce rate means the content is not reaching the correct audience. On the flip side, a lower bounce rate shows you’re reaching the right people.

Final Thoughts

This list is just a quick start. Much like everything on the internet, information changes exponentially. What you track today may have no relevance tomorrow. It’s critical to stay on top of the best metrics so your analysis is always accurate.

Check-in every quarter and rerun the numbers. Make the necessary adjustments and drop the campaigns that aren’t going anywhere. Choosing the right metrics can help you refine your marketing strategies and give your audience more digestible content.

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