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September 10, 2020

Social Media Marketing Tips Volume 2

Social media marketing is not like traditional marketing in the sense that it’s much more calculated and complex than one might think. It’s not just about posting a pic on Facebook or tagging an influencer on Instagram. It’s a deep-seated technique that ensures modern success.

In the last installation of Social Media Marketing Tips, we discussed things like:

Now that you’re prepared, here are a few social media marketing tips to help optimize what has been set up:

Analyzing Past Content

You don’t always have to reinvent the wheel.

Sometimes, if people like a piece of content, with a little finesse, you can use it again. Go back and look at the metrics of your past posts. Which ones stood out? What did people say about them? These types of details can give greater insight when you are curating past content.

Another technique is to use tools like BuzzSumo to leverage data of other content that has already been successful. In this sense, use your top keywords to find related stuff that has fared well online. When shared, this content will attract the same people who are searching for your keywords.

You can also search BuzzSumo by the type of content. If you find some does better on your social channels than others, this is a great way to curate content and fill up the editorial calendar. Not everything should be organic and branded. You have to share people’s stuff to broaden horizons.

Don’t Forget the Links

Visual content is a gateway to more valuable stuff and therefore, you should optimize image posts by including links. When planning visual content on social sites, think in terms of how it drives traffic back to your product/service and site/s.

For example, you might include a picture that is relevant to a value-added blog post, with a link back to your page. This draws traffic to your site and also positions the user further down the buyer funnel. At this point, people start to become “leads” based on how you set up the campaign and what is being measured.

You can also link a short video back to your site from an Instagram profile or YouTube account. This helps to provide expanded content around the video and ensures a higher click-through rate.

Switch up Content Format

Don’t just post the same form of content all the time. Not only does it become monotonous, but it also limits the audience you have. While some consumers respond highly to text, others will only watch a video, and some prefer a vivid image.

For example, if you have an article that is doing well on one channel, why not turn it into a video and run it on YouTube? You can also convert snippets from articles into images (which has a better reach on Facebook). Images allow you to leverage the power of visual-oriented sites like Instagram and Pinterest.

Be Consistent

One of the best ways to increase engagement and grow an audience is to be there consistently. Automating your social media management is one way to ensure your message gets out to the right platforms, at the right time.

Keep track of the types of content you are using and be sure to switch it up a bit. As you measure metrics, trends will become apparent about what audiences prefer which types of content.

Coming Up

Here we discussed optimizing content as you create it. Analyzing past content is a great way to recycle and curate new things. Including links in all social posts is critical to driving traffic and reaching conversions. Changing the format of your content while remaining a consistent voice is the best way to go about your social media management.

Coming up we’ll look at the best types of SMM marketing and sourcing content appropriately.

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