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August 10, 2022

New Social Media Trends for Marketers

As the world is changing around us in so many ways, we stand on the brink of a refreshing and much-anticipated shift in the way we market to consumers. 

The only thing that is constant in marketing…is change. 

With that being understood, it’s important to consistently revisit top trends and leading stats a few times throughout the year to ensure you are on the right track and aligned with the best competition. 

So what are a few things to take note of right now? 

In their yearly Social Trends Report of over 10,000 top marketers, social media management giant Hootsuite found the following statistics and insights:

Social Media is Immortal

It goes without being said that social media is not going anywhere. This time around the block, however, it’s particularly useful when the entire world is forced to remain distant.

When the physical world is six feet apart, social media makes for a great alternative. It has bridged the gap and kept people connected to family, friends, brands, and more importantly, kept everyone sane.  

New Customers are on Social

3 out of 4 marketers named “increased acquisition of new customers” as their top outcome for social media this year. Companies must further rely on digital as brick and mortar doors are shuttered.

In the race for ROI, you’ll find new audiences on social media. Transactions alone do not ensure long-term growth or create memorable brands.

This year, marketers are using social media to meet to very definitive goals:

Be Less Pushy and More Empathetic

These are trying times and the last thing people want is to feel like they’re being pressured to spend money, especially if they don’t have it. Today, people are using social media primarily to connect with each other. 

Do not dump a bunch of money on advertising right now while your audience is looking for a deeper connection. Instead, focus on engagement, social customer care, and crisis response. 

This ultimately creates the most value for customers right now. Remember, passive people still consume content. For every person that responds, ten people are scrolling.

Boomers are Booming

When grandparents have no other recourse but to speak to their loves ones through social, many are bridging the gap. People miss their families too much to be stubborn about technology.

Therefore, now is the best time to reach the Baby Boomer and older generations on social media, rather than the traditional TV advertising. 

Since the pandemic began, there has been a 66-point increase in Baby Boomers discovering new brands and products on social media. As a result, about a quarter are also spending more time on social media in general. 

As this older audience becomes increasingly digital savvy, it’s a marketing opportunity that shouldn’t be missed!

Tying Engagement to Identity

The ole’ “do I know you?” trick never fails. Tying engagement to brand identity is giving marketers new momentum. 

Social media has become the strongest bridge for connecting customers during the pandemic which has, subsequently, brought businesses closer to their audiences than ever.

While so many traditional marketing strategies are collapsing, the social media arena is doubling down on brand trust and creating loyal consumers. 

85% of organizations that integrate social data into other operations have confidence in the company’s ability to accurately quantify the social return on investment of campaigns.

Final Thoughts

The pandemic has forever changed the way in which a business markets to consumers, both new and old. Now it’s time to start collecting and connecting more personalized customer data to brand offerings. 

This next step in social awareness is how a business can sell anything at any time, even when everyone is staying at home.  


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