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June 30, 2022

How Can Instagram Stories be Used in Social Media Marketing?

Instagram Stories is one of the hottest features to grow your brand among top audiences. Out of 1 billion active monthly users, nearly 500 million people use Instagram Stories every day. It’s a perfect platform to grow your social media marketing and get in front of the right people.

Using Instagram Stories to promote a brand, product, or service is a winning trait. But the question is…how do you use it in the right way to create an effective social media marketing campaign? 

Worry not! Because we have you covered. Here are a few ways in which you can use this platform feature to improve social marketing:

Push Product-Based Content

Brands can use Instagram Stories to promote their newly launched and existing products to increase engagement and gain more attention. As most people prefer Stories over their regular feed, the CTR and interaction ratio are significantly higher. 

With Stories, you have the opportunity to highlight features, benefits, and products in an interactive manner. People always prefer to explore content in a 5-second story rather than a 5-minute read. 

Run Fun and Interesting Polls

Using Stories, brands can build excitement and curiosity among the audience in an organic way. One tactic is to post fun and interesting polls that people would love to answer. As 42% of the audience opens the app multiple times, the chances of getting quick replies are higher.  

Whether you own a product, business, or provide B2C/B2B services, polls on Insta Stories always prove successful. However, you should always make sure the questions are quick, concise, and fun to answer. 

Publish User-Generated Content

Brands come across feedback, testimonials, comments, curated content, and more from customers. Companies can share these golden words on Stories to further their online reputation. It’s the fastest way to create brand trust with a new audience. 

In a recent survey, 32% of the total Instagram audience make between 50k-74k per year. This means higher disposable income and product promotions that generate more sales. Involve the audience, and voila! You have a winning combination.

Effective Storytelling

Storytelling works seamlessly on Instagram, and it can boost the overall results of your social media marketing campaigns.

Sharing short clips from a promotional video on Insta Stories can increase engagement and raise brand awareness. It’s the best way to share your vision, mission, values, and build an instant connection. 

Companies can also share socially responsible content on Stories to create brand trust and build an audience base. Effective storytelling laced with purpose-driven content ensures people are paying attention and recognize you care about more than making a quick buck!

Repurpose Your Blogs

Repurpose critical highlights of your newly-published blogs and share them on Instagram Stories. You can do it with simple text, engaging images, and or a quick video. 

Not only is this a fast and effective way to reuse media, it adds more content to your Instagram publishing pipeline. 

Final Thoughts

Instagram Stories is the “go-to” place for users who seek a more direct form of communication, and it will remain the same in 2021 and beyond. Try out these simple tips to boost your social media marketing strategies and get noticed on Instagram Stories over the competition. 


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