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July 20, 2020

How Branded Domains Promote Sharing

When a business puts a lot of time and effort into creating a campaign, they want it to be shared as much as possible. That means everything included in a campaign should pose a convenience if people want to spread the message. This starts with ensuring the links you post are short and easy to remember.

What is a Branded Domain?

Simply put, a branded domain is a link you shorten with your brand name or a specific keyword so that people are more apt to share it. Shortening a link makes the data easier to manage and opens up more opportunities for advertising and marketing. It also gives you access to messaging across more types of devices.

There are many reasons why people choose to go the route of branded links. One of the most powerful advantages to a short domain is how easy they are to share. Here are a few ways in which this type of branding promotes the utmost of collaboration:


When you shorten a URL, it can travel to more places. A business can fit a greater amount of content in less space. That means you get to say a lot more in a little bit of time. It also opens the door to more social platforms.

For example, Twitter only allows up to 140 characters. Some long links could take up the entire message. With a branded link, you have room to not only post a message but include a domain as well. That way, people know what you are trying to say before they click over to your site.

A company can simply fit more links and content in less space with URL shorteners. A tweet can describe and then link to a webpage in under 140 characters, while a full URL might not even come with an explanation.


There is no way anyone is reading or clicking on a super long link from their phone. Chances are people will simply scroll past a bunch of gibberish. With the rise of smartphones, texting, and the mobile internet, the need to make content shareable is greater than ever before.

Branded domains mean people will entertain your messaging on their mobile devices. Without shortening the link and creating a recognizable phrase or branded word, why should people click a weird link? Especially given the amount of spam and scams online. Don’t set your campaign up for failure before it ever takes off. Short domains are integral to this cause.


Direct mail isn’t dead, but companies have always had an issue connecting them with the digital arena. Branded domains build a bridge between virtual campaigns and what you send in the mail. The shorter the link, the easier it is to remember and share. If people begin repeating it word of mouth, you’ve reached a golden level of marketing.

Branded domains create a level of convenience for the customer that makes them more willing to share.


Branded domains worked in unison with a multiple domain strategy. If you are running a few separate campaigns in competition, why not use branded links to distinguish them? These can all form the basis for your digital marketing methods. It also means more people are willing to share your branded domain across multiple channels.


Branded domains also facilitate search engine optimization. Multiple domain strategy enables a business to have a huge search engine presence. This is how larger corporations dominate the search engine results pages (SERPs). This isn’t a well-known SEO technique because it’s not that obvious. A business needs to go behind the scenes a bit to uncover the method in practice.

Branded domains promote sharing because they are short, concise, and respectful of space and time. In other words, going that extra step shows your audience you value their experience and seek to create value at every turn.


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