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September 2, 2021

10 Things You Should Know About Linkhawk Security

At Linkhawk, we understand the importance of protecting your data. Users from all over the globe enjoy the Linkhawk product.

We have many standards in place to ensure the privacy and protection of every individual we serve. Here are 10 things you should know about how we look after your security:

#1) Are the Links on Linkhawk Private?

Although all links can be publicly presented, all statistics are anonymous. This means Linkhawk will not display any KPIs (key performance indicators) around the link on a public page. 

#2) How are Links Protected?

All links are encrypted with HTTPS. This forms an added layer of security on top of the advanced security settings we already provide. It helps to support corporate or government-mandated policies.

#3) Does Linkhawk Reuse Links?

Never. Each link you create is unique and will never be reused for any other purpose. Users can be confident that every link will always redirect to the same long URL it was originally saved to.

#4) How Does Linkhawk Monitor and Block Abuse?

Linkhawk strives to prevent bad actors from misusing our platform. We work with trusted tech partners to monitor and block abuse and spam.

We encourage the public to report suspicious links to

#5) Can Linkhawk Distinguish a Click From a Bot?

Linkhawk filters bot traffic to the best of our ability, but your reports may still contain clicks generated by bots.

That being said, if we see an excessively high rate of click activity from any one IP address, we will treat all traffic from that IP as bot traffic for a time. 

At no point do we retroactively change metrics based on changes to knowledge of bots (e.g., if an IP gets marked as a bot, prior activity from that IP is unaffected).

#6) How do I Report Spam?

If you have found spam accounts on Linkhawk, please send a direct message to Be sure to include the used link of the Linkhawk accounts.

#7) How do I Request a Copy of my Personal Data?

This is also referred to as a GDPR Subject Access Request. If you are a registered Linkhawk user, then you may request a copy of all of your personal data stored by Linkhawk.

Registered users can log into your Linkhawk account, click on the “Account Profile” icon in the drop-down menu, and click on the red “Request GDPR SAR Report” link. 

This will trigger the delivery of a complete inventory of all data that Linkhawk has stored about you.

#8) Why Does This Link Lead to an Error Page?

Any time a link leads to a page that says “Something’s wrong here…”, the link entered is either invalid or wasn’t set up properly.

Remember that Linkhawk is a link-shortening service, and any of our users can create short links for free. Check with the individual who shared this link with you to verify that it was set up and copied correctly.

#9) Can I Preview a Link Before Clicking on It?

If you aren’t so sure about where a link will direct to, it is possible to preview the link before clicking on it. 

It’s easy. To do this, simply copy the link to your clipboard and paste it into your browser.

#10) How Can I Protect my Account?

There are steps our users can take to increase their account security. We recommend employing strong passwords when signing in as a good start.

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